🧪 What do we want to test?

What's the hypothesis for my experiment and how am I going to test them?

👱 Who to test with?

Who is your audience, what types of users are you looking for? How many of them?

Countries: US & UK

Age: 18-56

Industry: Marketing industry with background in survey creation

How many: 8 users

✅ The testing plan

What is your testing plan? What questions are you going to ask?

Showing a timeline for 45 minutes

  1. First 5-15 min

    Short intro about what we do and that we’re there to test the product, not them. Remind them that telling us about the things they don’t like or don’t understand is useful for us.

    Ask about their role, what challenges do they find day to day. How does the platform solve or doesn’t solve their issues. What was the reason they chose this product and what triggered the decision. (that might be a bit difficult to get to)

  2. Testing 25-30 min

    Make sure they have a mouse and ask if we can record their session (only screen) (Ideally both screen and face expressions)

    This part is mainly observation, guide them if needed, but try to observe and see where they have issues

  3. Retrospective 5-10 min

    Talk about what they’ve seen. Things they liked/disliked.

    Show them alternatives versions. What do they like/dislike about them too

📊 What’s the outcome?

Show success rate for each task and each participant

Test evaluation for Participant 1

Test evaluation for Participant 2